Our Approach – What to Expect

We explain everything in great detail so there are no surprises throughout the process.

When you’re making decisions about your financial future, it’s important to choose the right Financial Analyst. At AF, we believe that all consolidation decisions should be made as a part of a personal financial plan, which can be structured to help you achieve your short and your long-term goals.

Our Approach
At our first meeting, we talk to you about your plans for the future and listen carefully so that we fully understand your objectives. We will tell you if we can give you the advice you need. Similarly, it’s an opportunity for you to decide whether our services will be of benefit to you. Our credit assessment/benefits analysis is free of charge, and there is no obligation to proceed with any recommendations.

What you can expect from your Financial Analyst(s):

  • A consultative approach to your financial needs, including strategies related to maximizing your buying power, reducing leverage risk while maximizing cash flow, consolidating debt reduced costs and a conservative approach to all things related to the overall plan.
  • A tailored strategy based on your financial goals and comfort level.
  • Clear, complete explanations of credit products and consolidation recommendations.
  • An explanation of fees and interest, and why you’re paying them.

What your Financial Analyst(s) expects from you:

  • Willingness to define and set attainable, realistic goals.
  • Financial information related to accomplishing the strategy.
  • Dedication to the plan and to see the results over the long haul.
  • Appreciation for the value of advice.
  • Referrals — so that we can help your friends and family achieve their goals as well.
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