Our Financial Analysts

We explain everything in great detail so there are no surprises throughout the process.

Our Financial Analysts make every effort to build one-on-one relationships with clients, offering personalized attention and financial guidance. What else sets them apart?

Personal Attention
Just like when you go to the doctor, our Financial Analysts believe in providing one-on-one service, if you prefer. They listen to your needs and goals and offer a professional “diagnosis” in language that you understand. And long after your appointment, you can count on them to be familiar with your history and provide answers to future questions and concerns.

We realize that our level of service might seem a little unconventional. But why should you expect anything less than personalized, one-on-one attention when it comes to your financial well-being?

Who They Are
At Advisory Financial, we believe the best advice comes from someone who really cares about you. That’s why we require the best and brightest in the industry to represent our firm – someone who meets our knowledge requirements but most of all meets our high standard of people pleasing.

Recruiting & Training
Because we have a different kind of approach at Advisory Financial, we believe it’s important to look for a different kind of employee. What kind of candidate do we search for in a Financial Analyst? We look for people with passion, confidence, independence and a belief in doing what’s right, instead of what’s expected. We like to hire people who understand and can embrace our “unfashionable” approach to finance.

Personal Touch Training
Once we invite people to join Advisory Financial, we train them to deliver an exceptional level of personal attention and to maintain that involvement so they’re doing what’s right for our clients. We start by recruiting individuals with extensive experience in personal finance and high standard of professional practice. These are high requirements to meet in an industry that is known to be transient but this is what makes our core principles work and we don’t just stop there.

Long-Term Development
We believe that in order to attract the best Financial Analysts, we need to continuously provide long-term development opportunities. Our ongoing programs, which are rated among the best in the industry, provide training, mentoring and evaluation, and build financial knowledge. We offer rigorous courses on personal finance so our Financial Analysts can feel confident they’re providing the best advice and service possible.

In the end, we believe our Financial Analysts are set apart by their exceptional training and commitment to helping our clients. This has helped distinguish Advisory Financial from other firms, including being awarded highest customer satisfaction recognition.

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